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Zoo tonight & perhaps switching to Vontage?

June 23rd, 2010 at 12:57 pm

My son's daycare is sponsering a night at the zoo for the kids that go there. Since this is my son's last year in daycare we figured we would go. Free entertainment for the kids. Our zoo is pretty small so going once or twice a season is about it for us. They have gotten some new animals this year so I am excited to go check it out. We are going to eat dinner at home prior to leaving so we aren't tempted to buy all the expensive treats they sell there.

I have been doing very well with the lunch challenge and need to update my side bar to reflect that. I have also been challenging myself to only buying 1 muffin a week instead of my daily treat. I figure this will help both my wallet and waist! I treated myself today to the muffin and boy was it good!

My to do list is growing longer each day. I can't seem to keep up with everything I have to do. Hopefully this weekend I will get some of it done but both days are filling up quickly and it is only Wednesday! 2 important things to do are to switch car insurance companies and our house telephone service.
*Car insurance went up this renewal period which I don't understand as I haven't been in an accident in years. I did notice that the insurance company had an inquiry recently on my credit report. I wonder if that is what made it go up? Still, I don't understand that because my credit is good. Anyways, I am sick of my premiums going up every renewal period so I am switching.
*Home phone service should be switched too. Has anyone tried Vontage? I am considering them because we really don't use our home phone that often yet I am reluctant to get rid of it. They have a plan for $9.99/month which is a lot cheaper than the $32/month I have been paying. If you have had any experience with Vontage, good or bad, let me know.

With those 2 changes I should be freeing up some cash to put towards Visa #1.

1 Responses to “Zoo tonight & perhaps switching to Vontage?”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I think that the insurance companies are starting to raise premiums for everyone, even those without any accidents, because of the financial crisis. It leads to a vicious cycle, if you ask me. Have fun at the zoo!

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