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I did well yesterday!

May 21st, 2010 at 11:50 am

So, my challenge yesterday was to buy presents for DS's upcoming birthday parties and to get a few things at the store like milk, bread, etc. And I wanted to do all this for $40. I did better than I expected!

I started at Toys R Us and purchased 2 Transformer toys with a Buy One, Get One 50% off coupon. Total-$9.70.

I then went to Target (with both kids) and bought:
ant traps
2 books for DS's friends gifts
box of donuts
poster board of DD's science project
I had a $15 gift card which I had forgotton about so I only had to pay $8.41.

I took the kids to dinner at McDonalds since we were having such a busy evening and spent $11.20. I felt OK about that since I was under budget for the evening and they were hungry.

Total for the night=$29.31. I came out +10.69 and I feel pretty good about that Smile

I had to stop at the gas station this morning or I would have ran out of gas on my way to work and spent $9.01. I am taking that out of my unexpected left over funds which I said I had $106.72 so now I have $97.71.

I spoke with DH and told him that I wanted us to eat at home before we head out to the ballgame so they kids aren't starving and we are contemplating $5 for a hotdog. He is in agreement. With my $20 allotted for tonight I plan to buy the kids one treat a piece.

Whatever I don't spend tonight I am going to put in my pile for tomorrow night. The girls are talking about dinner before the comedy club so that is going to be an extra expense. We plan to drink water and use a coupon so hopefully it won't be too bad. I might have to take an extra $10 from my checking account just to be sure I have enough to cover my share. We will see how tonight goes first and re-evaluate in the morning.

It could be an expensive couple of days...

May 20th, 2010 at 10:37 am

While I enjoy the thought of trying to save money and pay off this looming debt, sometimes it can be a real challenge. I am usually up for a challenge but finances are a difficult area in which to be creative.

Here is my challenge...After today I will have $186.72 in my checking account to last until next Thursday (5/28). All my payments have been made for this pay period...this is what I currently have to function with. So, with this sum I have to buy:

2 birthday presents for parties DS is going to(I received an email with coupons from Toys R Us today...buy one get one free...so I think I might check it out)

I also need to get ant traps, milk, poster board for DD science project, and something for breakfast.

I am hoping I can do all this for $40. That will leave me with $146.72.

This weekend has the potential to be expensive as well. The family is going to a local baseball game...it is a school event for DD. DH purchased the tickets through the school at a discounted rate. The challenge will be to not want to eat everything they have to eat there. I can hear my kids already, wanting everything they see. I am going to have to stuff them full at home so they aren't hungry Smile Saturday night I may be going to a comedy club with some of my girlfriends. I rarely go out and do anything so if it happens it will be a treat. Most of my friends going are on strict budgets as well. $9 to get in, $6 drink minimum = $15 for the night.

I am setting aside $40 for both Friday and Saturday. So that brings me to $106.72. I believe we will have enough food in the house after I go shopping tonight. I would really like to transfer $14 to my savings account (hey, I gotta start somewhere) and then throw about $40 to my credit card. That will leave me with $52.72 for unexpected expenses.

I am eager to see how I do. It is a different feeling going into the weekend knowing what I can spend instead of spending whatever I want and then figuring out how to pay the bills later.