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It could be an expensive couple of days...

May 20th, 2010 at 10:37 am

While I enjoy the thought of trying to save money and pay off this looming debt, sometimes it can be a real challenge. I am usually up for a challenge but finances are a difficult area in which to be creative.

Here is my challenge...After today I will have $186.72 in my checking account to last until next Thursday (5/28). All my payments have been made for this pay period...this is what I currently have to function with. So, with this sum I have to buy:

2 birthday presents for parties DS is going to(I received an email with coupons from Toys R Us today...buy one get one free...so I think I might check it out)

I also need to get ant traps, milk, poster board for DD science project, and something for breakfast.

I am hoping I can do all this for $40. That will leave me with $146.72.

This weekend has the potential to be expensive as well. The family is going to a local baseball game...it is a school event for DD. DH purchased the tickets through the school at a discounted rate. The challenge will be to not want to eat everything they have to eat there. I can hear my kids already, wanting everything they see. I am going to have to stuff them full at home so they aren't hungry Smile Saturday night I may be going to a comedy club with some of my girlfriends. I rarely go out and do anything so if it happens it will be a treat. Most of my friends going are on strict budgets as well. $9 to get in, $6 drink minimum = $15 for the night.

I am setting aside $40 for both Friday and Saturday. So that brings me to $106.72. I believe we will have enough food in the house after I go shopping tonight. I would really like to transfer $14 to my savings account (hey, I gotta start somewhere) and then throw about $40 to my credit card. That will leave me with $52.72 for unexpected expenses.

I am eager to see how I do. It is a different feeling going into the weekend knowing what I can spend instead of spending whatever I want and then figuring out how to pay the bills later.

3 Responses to “It could be an expensive couple of days...”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    Thats definitely doable! Can you bring your own snacks to the ball game? GOod luck & keep us updated!

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Sounds like a good plan...good luck!

  3. Jerry Says:

    Having a plan like that is far more likely to offer some insurance of success, than just hoping and pushing ahead without even thinking about it! That almost always leads to a financial mess. With the ideas you posted I think that you can make it. Good luck!

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